Jaipur – Spend Time at Elefantastic

First contact is always important! When meeting an elephant for the first time you have to let them catch your smell. Make them feel comfortable by stroking and talking to them while looking into their eyes. Let the elephant feel your energy and spirit. You might have heard of the saying “love goes through the stomach”? Well, elephants are no exception. Feeding is the easiest way to gain their trust. For a couple of hours you will get a chance to feed them while learning their feeding habits, and what they enjoy eating the most. Painting- Learn about the completely natural paint that is used to paint the thick elephant skin. Learn how to create a traditional painting on the elephants face. If you’re not great at drawing don’t worry, wecan paint the outlines on their face if you like and then you fill in the gaps withthe colors of your choice. A Ride : The elephant safaris last between 50-60 minutes. The elephant shall be fully decorated and painted on its face and front legs in keeping with the traditional elephant attire of our culture. Your rider will also be in complete uniform with a traditional turban on his head.