Spiti Initiative

Kuoni Destination Management took up a Corporate Responsibility Initiative in the high altitude cold desert of Spiti in the Himalayas in August 2012, to build a Solar Bath for a Buddhist nunnery in Spiti.

The solar bath was built in association with Ecosphere, a local social enterprise supported by eco-tourism. Ecosphere provides diverse income generating opportunities to Spiti’s remote mountain community along with working on various green energy alternatives and conservation initiatives. It began operations in Spiti in 2002 with 5 villages and has now expanded its outreach to about 55 of a total of 66 villages in Spiti. The team spent two weeks in Spiti to build the bath. The team travelled by public transport to minimize the carbon footprints of their travel.

Women in Spiti don’t have a designated bathing area in the house. During the 6 month long winter, large quantities of fuel wood are burned to keep the houses warm and to heat water leading to high carbon emissions, especially those of black carbon which causes temperature changes leading to a variety of negative environmental impacts on humans, plants and animal ecosystems. But there is abundance of sunny days, when Solar Baths play a positive role. Solar Baths not only cut down carbon emissions and fuel wood consumption but also enhance the personal hygiene of the womenfolk. Kuoni Destination Management hopes to contribute by making a positive impact on the lives of these women.

The beneficiary of this initiative is the Pangmo Nunnery of Spiti located in a village of Pangmo. The village has about 25 homes with 150 people and a primary school.

This initiative is a reflection of the organisations commitment towards making a positive impact towards our surroundings and the people that it encompasses. Kuoni Destination Management understands that this is crucial for the sustainable growth of business.