Human Rights

Kuoni Destination Management is committed to operate with respect for human rights. This commitment is outlined in our Statement of Commitment on Human Rights published in March 2012.

To put this commitment into practice the Kuoni Destination Management conducted a project on human rights due diligence in the Indian tourism industry in October 2013.

Kuoni Destination Management is the first Destination Management Company in India to conduct this project in the Tourism Industry.

Through this project Kuoni Destination Management aimed to assess and analyse the human rights context of its operations in India and the impacts our activities and business relationships can and do have on human rights.

The objective of the project was to:

  • Provide Kuoni Destination Management with a more precise understanding of the human rights context of its operations and business relationships in India and the actual or potential human rights impacts it may cause, contribute to, or be linked to, as well as existing measures being taken to address them.
  • Identify possible mitigating measures and means to enhance access to remedy.
  • Generate a process which engages management and stakeholders at a corporate and destination level, at an on-going level, that can be embedded into Kuoni Destination Management’s business practice.

We thank all our partners who were a part of this project in India.

Stay tuned for more.